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To answer these questions, it is important to first understand how light interacts with living stuff, which we call biological tissue. This is why we see we see blue monkey butts! Both the males and females of the species are highly promiscuous, and the female macaque uses its outrageously swollen rear end to indicate that it's receptive. But in real skin, the top layer Tissue A has only a little melanin, while the next layer of skin Tissue B can contain a lot of melanin, which is important because melanin absorbs light, "killing" any photons that encounter it! You will even be able to hold your own if this topic ever comes up on a first dateā€¦.

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monkey butt pics

Even if you don't pay careful attention to monkey butts, you may still have wondered what makes some people's eyes blue.

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If layers A and B were both white like milk , they would reflect red and blue photons equally and you would see both colors. Tissue "A" is on top, and Tissue "B" is underneath. It's theorized that this bright coloration will help female lesulas find the mostly gold-and-brown male lesula when it's time for mating.

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