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I've been trying for years, and several movies from Elliot Porter gives us big city nostalgia with Lights of Piccadilly This will make you want to walk amongst the skyscrapers. Ogling chicks, living high on the hog, and being a major player is his life. Cameron Diaz, is the willful, profit-zealous daughter of the franchise's recently deceased owner. Jamie Foxx is a hotshot young quarterback whose know-it-all attitude and colossal ego threaten team unity. Spirited Away's imagination, visual brilliance, and humanity make this trip one of the most satisfying film experiences of the year.

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While it's easy -- and forgivable -- to dismiss Entropy as dreck produced by Hollywood insiders, about Hollywood insiders, there are enough juicy moments in the film to merit giving it its due.

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At sunset Chihiro is transported into an alternate phantom universe filled with lumbering radish men, the shrill and controlling witch Yubaba voiced by Suzanne Pleshette in her finest performance since Oh God, Book II , and a trio of bouncing, disembodied heads. Is it the frat boy model-ogling crowd? Continue reading: What Women Want Review.

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