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Sometimes, for this reason, the girl's toenails would be peeled back and removed altogether. Each time the feet were unbound, they were washed, the toes carefully checked for injury, and the nails carefully and meticulously trimmed. Some scholars such as Laurel Bossen and Hill Gates reject the theories that bound feet in China were considered more beautiful, or that it was a means of male control over women, a sign of class status, or a chance for women to marry well. In the late 20th century some feminists introduced positive overtones, arguing that it gave women a sense of mastery over their bodies, and pride in their beauty. Central Asia and the Caucasus: transnationalism and diaspora. Some women with bound feet might not have been able to walk without the support of their shoes and thus would have been severely limited in their mobility.

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Foot binding

Bound feet were at one time considered a status symbol as well as a mark of beauty. The broken toes were held tightly against the sole of the foot while the foot was then drawn down straight with the leg and the arch of the foot was forcibly broken. It is however argued that such injunction applies less to women, rather it is meant to emphasize the sacred link between sons and their parents. They argued that foot binding was important in work, and can be seen as a way by mothers to tie their daughters down, train them in handwork and keep them close at hand.

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