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I encourage everyone to follow you CarterCruise. They were aware that they had small dicks but instead of being all whiny about it, they just got really good at sex. You ARE making a difference. Those things are things I wanted to be able to do so I can hang out with porn people or you could put me in a more structured social situation. This is my th interview and, for the milestone, I wanted someone special. My store will launch next month.

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I think being a part of different organizations and different people have made me more aware of who I am.

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Carter Cruise: The Future (and Present) of Porn

I knew that was something I could do just because of how I am. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was with a couple girlfriends the other day and everyone was laughing about it. Carter: It was my goal to be nominated for Best New Starlet, not necessarily to win it.

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