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I still remember when you first told me you loved me; we were sitting in your dorm room while music hummed softly in the background. Immediately, Kirishima internally cringed at unconsciously bringing the topic of you up. You paced around the restroom waiting for the pregnancy test to tell you your answer. Holy fuck this would happen with my luck. His eyes began to scan the page:.

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Paris. Age: 23.
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Now years later you were in the same position, only now expecting a child.

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Anabella. Age: 27.
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Intimate Portraits of Sleeping Pregnant Couples by Russian Photographer Jana Romanova

Izuku pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the baby onesie. It seemed like no matter how many times you rewrote the letter, it never seemed like a good enough way to tell him. Your chest ached with pain, this was the first real fight that you two had had since you officially started going out. But letters are personal, and you knew Shouto appreciated personal gifts such as these.

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