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Each tug worked my balls in to the vise like hole a little more, first the left, then the right. On the second drop they slid out of my reach. Two hours later, two hours of discomfort courtesy of my half hard dick, I was pulling in to the driveway of a pleasant looking cape house on the other side of town. Again, it was like he could read my mind For the first time I could see scrotum on my side of the wall.

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Finally at my super sensitive ridge the mouth stopped, stopped and did nothing for several long seconds.

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I read and re-read the ad, my bloated balls clouding any reservations I may have had We can stand here, or you can get those clothes off and put on those handcuffs. I brought the cuffs around in front of my face, and after some fumbling, secured one to my right wrist. He and I both knew he didn't need to be angry, he was right, the outcome was inevitable.

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