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She shook her head once more then she opened her closet and began looking through her clothes. Apple Bloom quickly pulled down her skirt from the wind and had a bewildered expression on her face. Universe CMCs Back-to-back parodies of the Cutie Mark crusaders being introduced through different scenarios I've thought of in my head! Sweetie Belle immediately lifted Scootaloo's skirt. The cloud that was being chased by Rainbow Dash ensued that! The three girls went on and on with their mature antics throughout the night. She got out of her bed and headed for her closet, she was wearing nothing but a slouchy T-shirt with green apples on it and her panties were barely showing.

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Faye. Age: 22.
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E This Unusual Little World.

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My Little Pony: Facebook is Magic (Blog)

Apple Bloom was sound asleep in her room, tossing and turning to get as comfortable as she could, then she groaned. Apple Bloom braced herself and prevented any exposure. Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom's attire.

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