Ashley resident evil

ashley resident evil
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Ashley seems to have less ability to resist the Plagas than Leon, as Saddler was able to control her without any resistance, while Leon was always able to fight the Plagas controlling ability to a degree. When Ashley is left alone in she made up for her lack of combat ability by using lanterns to burn her assailants. Any bear trap Ashley falls in will not kill her, but she can not escape them by herself she loses health while trapped meaning she can be left at zero health if not freed rapidly enough. Ashley seems to have a crush on Leon, having a few flirting moments when she asked for overtime after being rescued. Afterward the both of them are picked up by US Government authorities and taken into custody for debriefing.

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Kennedi. Age: 25.
ashley resident evil

She first appeared in Resident Evil 4.

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Kiera. Age: 31.
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Ashley Graham

If the player beats the game and selects the Special Costume where Leon wears his R. Ashley will be controlled by the CPU for the majority, who will mostly follow the player. The rest of the game then becomes a quest for Leon and Ashley to find a way to remove the parasites inside their bodies before they fall under Osmund Saddler 's control. Ashley offered Leon to come over to her place, which Leon politely declined.

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