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priety zinta wallpapers
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The LA wedding was a ceremonious event. I will prefer to try something else for the remaining 6 assuming this isn't my 7th. My Girl friend Used to say often then even we are Muslim but the Indian marriage and there 7 saat phairay looks so cool and amazing, I wish we could do that, Anyway lets come to the Wedding of Priety zinta, I wish both of them good luck and happy married life,. Except for pictures, some deets about their wedding were leaked to the media, but this time, pictures have surfaced on social media and everyone's buzzing with excitement. PreityZinta 's wedding pictures with GeneGoodenough are finally out! Some times I don't understand our level of thinking is very different then foreigners and how this marriage life works.

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And a western man can only dream of a loyal woman.

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I hope good luck to Pretty Preity Zinta. Preity's mother oversaw the entire arrangement," a source from the venue revealed. It is theirs life how long they want to live toghether. If earlier accounts were attempts at keeping Preity Zinta and Gene Goodenough's wedding a secret affair , her pictures reveal that there was nothing low-key about the grand wedding.

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