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Her cross-legged position made her yellow sun dress ride up forcing the cloth to gather just below her waist. It was moments such as these that Ginny was thankful for being the only girl in her large redheaded family. After all how could anyone stay sad on such a beautiful summer day? Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. It lay ruined face down on the floor, half of it in the ink puddle. She still had the occasionally nightmare from the incident. Her potions text, which was quite large in itself, was thrown from the table along with her supplies and essay!

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Colette. Age: 31.
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Ginny could not wager a guess as to whether the girl was a muggle or a witch, but knew she was quite strikingly beautiful.

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Harley. Age: 29.
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Ginny's Naughty Desires (Futa's Naked Temptation 2)

I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Password: password is required. When she examined the damage she was surprised to find there was actually very little, only deep black stains on the edges of the pages. In the quick second it was in view, a line of red hair was visible above her pussy.

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