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Furthermore, the recall of age at sexual debut, especially for older youth, might have contributed to some reporting bias. Exposure to television has been found in quantitative studies as a key correlate to onset of early sex and this was confirmed by another study done on Nigerian adolescents [ 64 , 65 ]. This determines the extent to which men and women are able to control the various aspects of their sexual lives, i. Separate analyses were performed for females and males. How safe is motherhood in Nigeria? This culture has been preserved for hundreds of years and passed down to younger generations [ 38 ].

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Controlling for other covariates in the adjusted model, ethnicity significantly predicted age at first sex male youth only, as there was no association between ethnicity and sexual debut of female youth.

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Ethnicity, gender and risky sexual behaviour among Nigerian youth: an alternative explanation

The middle belt of Nigeria is known for its diversity of ethnic groups, including the Pyem, Goemai, and Kofyar [ 49 ]. Coerced first sex among adolescent girls in sub-Saharan Africa: prevalence and context. Particular ethnic practices may increase the likelihood of HIV infections among young women, for instance, the practice of early marriage in some ethnic groups increases likelihood of infections and obstetric fistula [ 29 , 30 ]. Accordingly, media exposure is expected to reduce the likelihood of involvement in high-risk sexual behaviour.

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