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The easiest way of doing so would be to gather up all the males interested in having sex and dragging her other two female friends in. She literally gets off at the fact that she is getting gangbanged on her own accord by dozens and dozens of males. In the first half of the lone episode in this series, Mana takes her client Saiki, to a karaoke bar where things escalate quickly. Having said that, the reason we have Miyu at number seven on this countdown is because she simply lives up to the slutty tendencies that we seek out as criteria for this list. Story number two is about a student who rapes his peers and teachers.

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Without a proper way of containing all that lust, they decide the best thing to do is take advantage of their social status and prey on the less popular guys at school, in various alluring settings.

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Top 10 Hentai Slut Characters

Kyouka Shiraishi from Energy Kyouka!! Marian Academy which houses many prostitutes. There are several memorable female characters from Stringendo, but we wanted to go with the one that starts it all.

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