Giantess sweaty feet

giantess sweaty feet
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You should hurry up and get a shower, your odor is putting me off my food. Amy had laughed and declined, telling Katie she was 'too cruel' but Katie could not mistake the desire in the eyes of Brian's friend. The smell itself was far cheesier than the smell of the sweat soaked into her sock. He grabbed the toe currently closest to him, the middle one on her left foot and held it close before planting big, wet, tongue filled kisses on it, filling his mouth once more with the taste of cheesy toes. I'll even forgo a shower to make it more fun for you. Katie's face grew larger as she crouched down to speak to her brother.

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Diana. Age: 32.
giantess sweaty feet

Katie peeled the socks from her feet, revealing her size 8 feet which were larger than Brian's whole body.

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Brooke. Age: 28.
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Giantess - you'll be muddy under our feet

He heard his sister laughing at the horrified expression on his tiny face. He had no choice but to breath in the smell. Brian knelt on the floor as Katie commanded.

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