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Hordes of acclaimed Sh? Every good fighting game needs a troll character. Super Smash Bros.

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Combining a thinly-disguised Affectionate Parody of Fist of the North Star with a plethora of bad punspop-culture parodies, and a cocktail of hallucinogensBobobo-Bo Bo-bobo is every bit as weird as its namewhich is also the name of its main character. Bo-bobo as he's known is a tall, muscular man with sunglasses, a large blonde afro, and tendencies towards childish, eccentric, or downright strange behavior that belies his serious demeanor. Not surprisingly, it's filled with strange, bizarre or outright surreal imagery that has little to do with the plot most of the time.

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By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The Toonami programming block is currently experiencing one of its strongest line-ups of anime in a long time, but many series have been a part of this notable club as the block has introduced anime to plenty of current anime fans. The Toonami programming block airing on Fridays and Saturdays used to be one of the major ways anime was distributed across the United States, and this led to even some of the strangest series getting a huge following.

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Hair has a long pun intended history in cultures around the world, and Japan is no exception. Only women in the upper echelons for society were allowed to wear their hair long while poor classes were required to tie up their hair. Boys were given a specific hairstyle to acknowledge their entry into manhood.

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Bobobo has sworn to protect the hair of the people from the hair hunters. He can use his nose hair to whip away all who dare oppose him. Not only that, but he can use his nose hair to constrict his enemies as well.

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His malicious Hair Hunt troop, which ranges from basic soldiers, to block Commanders, and the insidious Big Four, ruthlessly hair hunts innocent bystanders, leaving the people bald and their villages in ruins. His name? Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo was the youngest of five children growing up in.

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Updated: August 17, pm. What could possibly be a weirder videogame than "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties"? That would be Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo that's seven 'bo's, with the two dashes in very specific places.

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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a comedy influenced by Japanese manzai humor that uses puns, double-talkbreaking of the fourth wallnon-sexualized cross-dressingvisual gags, and satirical and pop-culture references. The manga series lasted from throughdivided into two separate sections with a distinct difference in humor and plotting. His Hair Hunt troop captures innocent bystanders' hair, leaving the people victims of the Hair Hunt troop's head shaving and their villages in ruins.

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