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On several occasions, nude photographs and screencaps showing Chris 's uncovered or scantly covered body, often including his genitalshave leaked onto the Internet. The first nudes were obtained by Lordsillynipplesa troll posing as Chris's off-and-on sweetheart Blanca Weiss. They hit the Internet on 11 September and were quickly followed by a second round of photos released five days later by trolls who hacked Chris's e-mail account.

Between his work in Hong Kong and Hollywood he has been in over different movies and there are a few of these movies where Jackie shows some skin. In The Fearless Hyena Part 2Jackie is fishing and he jumps out of the water naked with a fish in both hands and we get a very quick shot of his wet, strong butt. We see his juicy booty several times and the scene is played for laughs so they use various items and situations to cover up his family jewels. It is funny, sexy and fantastic all at once.

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