Domination of any preponderant power

Meaning and definitions of preponderant, translation in Bengali language for preponderant with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of preponderant in Bengali and in English language. What preponderant means in Bengali, preponderant meaning in Bengali, preponderant definition, examples and pronunciation of preponderant in Bengali language.

I was sitting in my college classroom and called on to lead discussion on a day when I hadn't read the material. Furiously skimming the text, and hoping I could somehow wing my way through this, my eyes hit a word I did not know--hegemony. I skipped the word, trying to infer its meaning and fumbled my way through class, but reading a word I didn't know bugged me.

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Licenciado en Relaciones Internacionales. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia. Universidad de Helsinki, Finlandia.

The polity that we now know as China was the most powerful state and a regional hegemon during certain periods of East Asian history. How did China behave in the region when it had preponderant power? Did China expand when strong?

Domination may sound like something that's achieved by military force. The total domination of Europe, for example, has never been achieved: The Roman empire could never fully dominate the northern Germanic tribes; Napoleon couldn't conquer Spain; and although Adolf Hitler was briefly dominant over most of the continent, he never managed to overpower England. But the word's earliest appearances don't necessarily involve physical force; Chaucer, for instance, speaks of a mind's domination by strong drink.

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Use dominant in a sentence. An example of a dominant gene is the brown-eyed gene, compared to the blue-eyed gene which is recessive. An example of dominant is the brown-eyed gene.

This paper provides a conceptual and theoretical analysis of the concept of hegemony in the field of International Relations. Although the concept of hegemony is frequently employed in the literature, it is quite apparent that different meanings are attributed to it. This is not necessarily surprising because the field itself is divided into different theoretical perspectives that offer contrasting accounts of key concepts, including hegemony.

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The word was first used in English in the midth century in reference to the control once wielded by the ancient Greek states, and it was reapplied in later centuries as other nations subsequently rose to power. By the 20th century, it had acquired a second sense referring to the social or cultural influence wielded by a dominant member over others of its kind, such as the domination within an industry by a business conglomerate over smaller businesses. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'hegemony. Send us feedback.

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Those of us who write about foreign policy--or any topic, for that matter--yearn for the day when the president of the United States lauds our work. That is exactly what happened in January to Robert Kagan, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and an adviser to the Romney campaign. Kagan's article, which draws on his new book, The World America Madecontests the emerging consensus in foreign-policy circles that American primacy is eroding thanks to the shift in global power from the West to the "rising rest.

Source: "U. To assess and appraise existing and foreseeable threats to our national security currently posed by the USSR; and to formulate our objectives and aims as a guide in determining measures required to counter such threats. The will and ability of the leaders of the USSR to pursue policies which threaten the security of the United States constitute the greatest single danger to the U. Communist ideology and Soviet behavior clearly demonstrate that the ultimate objective of the leaders of the USSR is the domination of the world.


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