Bottom dwelling tank mates for angelfish

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If angelfish were competing for the title of most popular fish in the tank, they would be strong contenders. Many people choose them because they are beautiful fish and are mainly low maintenance. While you can feed them flakes, you should be prepared to also give them live feedings of freshly hatched brine fish and bloodworms.

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The fish you choose to stock your tank is not a decision that should be made lightly. The articles in this category will help you understand the basics of fish compatibility and will provide you with other information you need to make an informed decision when stocking your tank. Written by Kate Barrington Updated July 17,

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So, you want to add a few new friends to your Angelfish tank. Luckily, you are not alone! Angelfish are one of the most popular freshwater fish.

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Guppy fish are versatile tropical fish that have a peaceful nature, which makes them great contenders for community aquariums. When it comes to keeping different species in the same aquarium, compatibility is crucial. While a preference for the same water conditions is a good starting point in determining if two types of fish will get along, there are also other things to factor in when choosing the best tank mates.

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If you are in the market and looking to add a few bottom-dwelling cleaners to your tank, this list is for you! Our list of the Top 5 Bottom Dwellers gives you a list of our top choices for the best fish that you can add to your tank to keep it functional and attractive. Our number 5 top pick is the Geophagus.

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One of the factors often overlooked when choosing fish for a community aquarium is the swimming level the fish prefer. Choosing fish that prefer swimming at different levels will result in a far more attractive aquarium, while at the same time assuring that your fish will not have to compete for space. It will also reduce the stress that occurs when fish have to battle for territories.

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Angelfish tank mates are certainly a possibility, without a doubt. Although Angelfish belong to the cichlid family with most cichlids being known for their aggression, Angelfish are actually not aggressive fish. Angelfish are very peaceful fish, so it is best to pick other fish that have the same temperament. The only time an Angelfish would ever become aggressive would be during breeding like most fishes.

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If you have an extreme affection and are an enthusiast to keep the Angelfish, then you have landed your feet in the right place. Here I am going to reveal the complete guide related to Angelfish and will uncover some facts about Angelfish Tankmates. Thus, leave all your chores and dig yourself in this healthy Angelfish Tank mates guide.

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The body of these fish is elongated with a dark horizontal stripe. The dorsal fin extends almost the entire length of the body and is held low on the body with red outlines. These fish will change coloration depending on its mood.


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