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His casual wear consists of a blue collar with a ribbon, a blue dress, black tights, blue leggings, blue shoes, white arm covers, and a blue scarf tied around his right arm. Sign In Don't have an account? The spell however ended up being be a partial failure as despite his mother seemingly coming back with some part of her personality. Learning that Crusch had gone to investigate them, Ferris together with Fourier and Julius would rush back to the Karsten estate to learn the truth of the situation. Returning to Argyle mansion for first time in nearly a decade Ferris would confront his father and a maid named Hannah who he felt a familiar connection to.

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anime trap cat

He is absolutely loyal to Crusch and will do anything she says, however he will oppose her if needed.

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He would meet Crusch and Julius in the foyer of the manor, relieve but utterly distraught by events and escape the burning building together. In the last month of his probationary period in the Royal Guard before he became a permanent member, dark rumors surrounding his old family would reach his ears via Fourier. On that same day Ferris would take his oath of knighthood to Crusch to support her and Fourier's memory.

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