Casting orgasm

casting orgasm
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An early example of this is Abbe Guibourg, a French Roman Catholic occultist known as a "renegade priest," who in performed a Black Mass, a corruption of the traditional Catholic ceremony. Neutral, maybe, but extremely powerful nonetheless. Another, perhaps less intuitive, component of sex magic involves the use of bodily fluids. So for some people that's staying within their own heritage or culture," says Cabral. The citizens of one area in particular, known as Urgyan, a " semi-mythical kingdom that fought for the rights of the Tibetan people ," and are said to have used rites involving tantra, the build-up and avoidance to increase power of sexual energy and orgasm.

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casting orgasm

Hathor, Isis, and Aphrodite are common goddess to invoke, but you can use whatever deity appeals most to you since sex magic is so personalized and intuitional.

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Sex Magic: How to Cast Spells with Your Orgasms

Indeed, most witches will say that sex magic is one of the most intuitive practices. Feeding and eating bodily fluids carries the same danger as oral sex, so get tested, discuss it with partners beforehand, and become educated on dangers. Even those uninterested or skeptical of practices such as magic can attest to the intimacy and intensity of coming at the same time.

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