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The Grand Finals for WoT had 1. Anyone who thinks video games are a sport is a [edited]anyway. Its not like you're e-Sports material. I play it because in spite of being just a bit better than average I am obsessed, not with any hope or desire to make any financial return whatsoever. So you started this thread because you didn't like how your other one turned out? Or am I still missing your point? I could care less what articles are written about WoT.

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world of tanks pornstar

Razor, PaySafeCard and intel sponsored The Grand Finals in and intel and Razor representatives expressed their companies full support behind the eSports scene.

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8 Strangest Things Ever Won At A Video Game Event

Its a frustrating difficult challenge, which is exactly why some people hate it and quit while others become nearly obsessed with it. You need an audience, you need competitors and you need sponsors to make it thrive. Wargaming is honest about their companies motives, saying eSports has to be entertaining and it has to be a business.

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