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two broke girls images
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This would've likely been a stellar episode for the show. Wait, so we never get to meet Max's mom? Thankfully, this commitment paid off. The lively something ladies, Max Kat Dennings and Caroline Beth Behrs spent most of the show's six seasons struggling to make ends meet while working as servers at a diner in Brooklyn, New York. BehrKat's love definitely rings true.

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Trinity. Age: 29.
two broke girls images

In one throwback photo, she even came up with a celebrity couple hashtag for the two of them — BehrKat.

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Tegan. Age: 21.
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The untold truth of 2 Broke Girls. However, that hole in our lives will soon be filled again — yay! In an interview with NPR , Rhimes dubbed the regulations "fences," but said those fences "make for very creative moments.

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