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Due to its role in ejaculation, stimulating the prostate can be quite a pleasurable experience for some men. Begin by applying lube to the area around your anus and on your finger. Make sure you research lube properly and pick an appropriate one for your session. At any point during this process you feel pain, you should stop immediately. Pushing a doorbell: This one is often recommended for entering your anus too.

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Being able to move the unit around by pulling and pushing on the base can give you a much greater level of control.

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Depending on your experience with anal activity, you might also want to begin gently inserting your finger into your anus. If you can time some pelvic floor clenches as you near the peaks of your massage, it could tip you over the edge. Be Gentle: No matter which techniques you choose to use while your finger is inside you, you need to be careful. You should be careful though, as for most men reaching a regular penile orgasm will put a swift end to any enjoyment you were receiving from your prostate massages.

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