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After the Thundermans are banished from Hiddenville by the Hero League , Phoebe and her brother risk everything to come back to Hiddenville and save the city. Phoebe feels sorry for everything she did. Destructo was Dark Mayhem's sidekick and has all the plans about the next phase. Since Hiddenville doesn't have a lot of criminals, she made a deal with Max so that Max will keep committing crimes while Phoebe practices to stop him. I guess, I see Phoebe or the other girl like her wearing a gymnast leotard

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pictures of phoebe thunderman

She tried for school choir in Pretty Little Choirs but Veronica attacked her with spitballs.

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Phoebe Thunderman

Unfortunately, she ruined her chances when she sneaked to a rooftop party and used telekinesis to save someone from falling. It works just the last minute. In Smells Like Team Spirit , she was worried that Max might mess up and ruin their chances of joining the Z-Force but eventually, the Thunder Twins learn to work together.

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