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The last part of your maintenance plan is deciding how often you want to shave. There are basically two plans. You can shave your balls every day like you do your face good on you brave few , or you can be like the rest of us and just keep the short hairs soft. So, unless you want to spend three to five days inventing a new dance to avoid pricking your genitals with your own pubic stubble though that might make you a YouTube star , you need a good hair maintenance plan. As a brand that specializes in male maintenance, we get asked one question more than any other: how do I safely shave my balls?

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hairy saggy balls

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Email Thanks for signing up! This can go a long way to lessen razor burn, and it definitely helps the blade glide smoothly have you have a particularly dense bush. It can also be used as a pick-me-up during the day or before a date. But, this is where we come to the great divide amongst shaving experts.

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