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genital piercing videos
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I've definitely had lots of interesting experiences, and I've learned a lot about people's lives during these piercings. Otherwise what will happen is your body will start to reject it, in which case it will just push the piercing to the surface if it's not done properly. I'm all about helping someone feel better about themselves. I can dish it but I definitely can't take it. Most of the process is talking with the client. People's natural reaction is to use soap, but soap can be pretty irritating in the female genital area, so you should avoid that.

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The actual piercing itself is so quick — it takes seconds.

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Clara. Age: 31.
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Confessions Of A Vagina Piercer

You just have to be open to other ideas in these cases. When I first started, the guy who owned the shop gave me a collection of old school VHS piercing tapes to watch. They'll say, "Maybe if I have this jewelry here, it will look more attractive. But there's been this huge influx of people who are really comfortable with it.

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